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Old Master Paintings


Nicholas Philp
Conservation & Restoration of Fine Paintings


Frans Wouters(1612-1659), Flemish School
Satyr discovering a nymph in a clearing
oil on panel, 36.2 x 40.6 cms
in an elaborate gilt swept frame
18,500.00 GBP

Frans Wouters began his career as a pupil of Rubens. He was primarily a landscape painter but he also accepted some important commissions for religious subjects in churches.
He was elected Court painter to the Emperor Ferdinand II & then the Prince of Wales, later to become King Charles II.
Wouters returned to Antwerp after the Revolution & was elected a director ot the Academy in that city.

This painting is interesting because Wouters seems to have incorporated elements from Rubens(figures) & Elsheimer(landscape).

Museums where examples of the artist's work can be found include:
Antwerp, the Queen's Collection, the Hermitage & Vienna.


Circle of Clara Peeters ca. 1620
Still life of fruits
oil on panel
approx.32cms x 44cms
15,500.00 GBP. Sold

Gold Ground Painting
Christ, Aragonese School, oil on panel, 15c. 8,500.00.SOLD

Paolo de' Matteis (1662-1728). The Annunciation.
Oil on canvas in a tabernacle fr. 63x56 cms. Please see 'Reference' for more details of the artist.

Circle of Cornelius Troost (1697-1750)
oil on canvas. You can buy this at my ebay shop.

English Paintings

William Etty, R. A. (1787-1849)
Study of Eve, oil on board, 59 x 42.5 cms, Forbes colln. 8,500.00 GBP. SOLD

William Etty (1787-1849)
The Prodigal Son, oil on board, 66 x 48.7 cms. SOLD